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Here’s How Mark Wahlberg’s Training for His New Movie ‘Infinite’

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Mark WahlbergOpens a New Window. is filming a new movie, and he’s pretty jacked for it. The actor has started filmingOpens a New Window. the new action film InfiniteOpens a New Window. with director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), and ahead of shooting, he shared a bunch of posts on his Instagram page showing offOpens a New Window. how trained for it.Mark Wahlberg’s Daily Schedule Includes 3 a.m. Workouts, Cryo Recovery, and Lots of Food Opens a New Window.

As he previously has revealed, when Wahlberg is training, he has a pretty intense scheduleOpens a New Window.—waking up before 3 a.m., working out at least two times, and doing cryo recovery—and for this movie, it appears to have worked wonders. Wahlberg has been busy training for the film, doing his usual workouts and fueling them along with his Performance Inspired brandOpens a New Window. all-natural whey proteinOpens a New Window., protein barsOpens a New Window. and supplementsOpens a New Window..

Wahlberg has shown off the resultsOpens a New Window. of his training as he kicks off the film, including a look at some of the workouts that helped get him ready for it.Dissecting Mark Wahlberg’s Muscle-Building Workouts for Staying in Shape Opens a New Window.

The new film, which originally was setOpens a New Window. to star Men’s Journal cover guy Chris EvansOpens a New Window. before Wahlberg replaced him, is an action thriller with a sci-fi twist. Based on the D. Eric Maikranz’s novel The Reincarnationist Papers, the movie follows a “troubled man haunted by memories of two past lives” who finds out about a centuries-old secret society called the Cognomina, which is made up of people who “possess total recall of their past lives,” according to VarietyOpens a New Window..25 Ripped Stars Who Own the Instagram Workout Game Opens a New Window.

The film also stars Dylan O’Brien (American Assassin), Rupert Friend (Homeland), Jason Mantzoukas (John Wick: Chapter 3Opens a New Window.), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange). Infinite has a release date set for August 7, 2020.

Wahlberg previously shared some of his arms and transformation workoutsOpens a New Window. with Men’s Journal, and here’s a look at some of the workouts and techniques he used to get fit for Infinite:

Mark Wahlberg’s New Performance Inspired Protein Bars Will Help You Get Shredded Opens a New Window.

5 Ways Mark Wahlberg Stays Wicked Strong Opens a New Window.Topics: action moviesCelebrity workoutsmark wahlbergmovie newsMovies and TV

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Joaquin Phoenix Reveals He Lost 52 Pounds to Play the Joker

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Joaquin Phoenix is the latest in a long line of actors to play the infamous D.C. villain Joker, following in the footsteps of the likes of Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and most recently Jared Leto. And from the way he described the experience in a recent interview, getting into character was no laughing matter.

Phoenix lost an astonishing 52 pounds for the role, a process which he said helped him get into the right headspace to play Joker, but which also took a mental toll. “It turns out that affects your psychology,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the Venice Film Festival. “You start to go mad.”

Undergoing a drastic physical change seems to have become the norm since Heath Ledger delivered his deeply sinister, Oscar-winning turn as the villain in The Dark Knight, after a broader performance by Nicholson in Batman. More recently, Jared Leto set another precedent for Phoenix and slimmed down dramatically to play a lean, mean version of Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad.

Unlike other movies and TV shows which feature the clown prince of crime, Joker is an origin story, set in 1981 Gotham City, and follows the transformation of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) from a down on his luck comedian to a dangerous criminal. While the character has famously gone without a backstory for most of his appearances in print and on screen, Todd Phillips’ film gives Fleck an unspecified brain injury, one symptom of which is fits of uncontrollable laughter.

“He’s so hard to define and you don’t really want to define him,” said Phoenix. “We would get close at times where I found that I would identify certain parts of his personality or his motivation, and then I would back away from that because I wanted there to be a mystery to the character. Throughout the course of shooting it felt like every day we were discovering new parts of his personality, up until the very last day.”

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How Keanu Reeves Prepared for War for ‘John Wick 3’

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The subtitle of the third John Wick movie is ParabellumOpens a New Window., which translates to “prepare for war” from Latin. That translation is appropriate for what the excommunicated assassin will likely be going through given where the last movie left off, but it could also apply to how the franchise’s star Keanu ReevesOpens a New Window. trains for the role. Beginning with the first John Wick movie Reeves has taken his physical and tactical preparation deathly serious.’John Wick 3: Parabellum’: Everything You Need to Know About the Keanu Reeves Sequel Opens a New Window.

Before each installment Reeves, 54, spends days on the gun range being put through drills by Navy SEALsOpens a New Window. and rehearsing stunts with the legendary crew from 87eleven Action Design. Then during the shoots he will be thrown through windows, taking falls, and riding horseback through city streets, for example.

This level of physical intensity would be difficult for a man half Reeves’ age, which where Patrick Murphy comes in. The Los Angeles native not only a physical trainer, but also a movement specialist able to think about these projects holistically, making sure that the actor is still able to walk when director Chad Stahelski calls wrap.

“Keanu is an animal,” says Murphy. “I never have to convince him to do another rep. But or workouts are designed to make him feel good and strong, not destroy him. Because he is getting so beat up during the shoot as it is.”

21 Actors John Wick Should Fight in ‘John Wick 4

In order to get Keanu’s body where it needed to be Murphy programmed huge circuits with a large volume of reps and minimal rest. There was also a wide range in the variety of exercises to match how dynamic the character of John Wick is as a physical force, being about to get as hard as he gives.

“John Wick needs crazy endurance, a powerful core, and grip strength,” says Murphy. “I spent a lot of time dreaming up different combinations and pairings of exercises.” There was also special attention paid to the shoulders, which got a lot of use during the jiu jitsu, gun-fu, Judo, wrestling, and other stunts.

“I pay a lot of attention to the lines that the body naturally wants to make,” says Murphy. “That is what I am doing with Keanu, working to encourage proper posture and alignment, which in the end gives him better leverage and strength.” These adjustments, along with recovery methods like massage and acupuncture, allowed Reeves to survive the shoots, while Murphy admits just barely.

“I am always blown away by his level of commitment,” Murphy says. “There are no quick edits to save him, he is stunt fighting with dozens of guys at a time, and really selling it. By the end of filming he is almost as battered and bruised as the character he is playing. There is the heart of a warrior in there.”

Here is a shoulder workout from Murphy that will get you strong enough to Judo throw bad guys over your back.

A Look Inside Keanu Reeves’ Training For John Wick 3

By Patrick Murphy

Some Rules of Engagement:

  • Keep the back of your head aligned with your spine, avoid forward head or head down.
  • Keep shoulders down; avoid elevation and shrugging
  • Keep core tight.

Shoulder Circuit

Perform 3 rounds of this circuit with perfect form and no rest periods.

  • Band External Rotations: 20 reps (each arm)
  • Band Reverse Fly With Scapular Retraction: 20 reps
  • Band Lateral Raises: 20 reps
  • Brand Front Raises: 20 reps
  • Band Presses: 20 reps
  • Push-Up Bridge Alternating Hand Taps: 20 reps
  • Floor Prone Handcuff Drill: 20 reps

John Wick 3 hits theaters May 17th, 2019.

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Try the Insane HIIT Circuit Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Calls the “Devil’s Workout”

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Regardless of who’s your favorite AvengerOpens a New Window., Chris Hemsworth has arguably the most impressive physique of any MarvelOpens a New Window. superhero. You might not be a 6’3″ brute of a man hailing from Australia, but you can certainly learn a thing or two from Hemsworth’s training regimen. Even when he’s not prepping to become a Norse god, the actor likes to stay fit with metabolicOpens a New Window. workouts that torch fat and build total-body muscle.

The 15 Most Basic Facts About Building Muscle 

He often posts at-home and gym sessions with long-time trainer Luke Zocchi, who’s responsible for refining Hemsworth’s physique for the Thor and Avengers franchises.

The latest training video features Hemsworth and Zocchi working through the “Devil’s Workout”: six exercises for six reps and six total rounds. Hemsworth jokes you can rest one minute between rounds or “just throw up and power through,” as there’s no rest between individual exercises. Here’s the breakdown of moves:

1. Deadlift to Overhead Triceps Extension w/ EZ Curl Bar
2. Feet-Elevated TRX Row
3. Kettlebell Reverse Lunge w/ Overhead Press
4. Ring Chinups
5. Squat on BOSU Ball w/ Resistance Band Flye
6. Rotational (Around the World) Med Ball Slams

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